Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 18, or 17 if you wish.

The meetings today were good. They weren't the life-altering events I'd hoped they'd be, but they were good, nonetheless.

First I met with John. We had coffee at a little gourmet in an outlet mall. John is a retired counselor of 30+ years. We only met for about an hour, but that hour was incredibly enlightening. As well as a counselor, John is also a Christ follower, and a strong one at that. His insights about God were breathtaking. He challenged me to study the Bible with more intensity, and to allow my heart to soak in those words. John also suffers from Parkinson's disease. He was once a preacher and public speaker. Now he can do neither. He quoted Paul, saying his struggle was "light and temporary." "How can I be upset about anything that's light and temporary?" He asked. I began to wonder if I could face a debilitating illness with that much faith. I'd like to think that I could, but that has never been tested. Part of me hopes it never is.

Hayley was my second appointment. She's a counselor as well, but she's only been practicing for a few years. Hayley and I share a common past. We're from the same home state, we both have a psychological background, and we are now involved in biblical counseling. She was able to give me some insight into how her practice worked, what her workload was like, the type of information I need before I begin to actually counsel as a profession, and so on. The conversation began and ended with Hayley adoring my daughter. She and my wife were able to join me at this last meeting. My little girl was being a little menace. Running back and forth, climbing on people, and spilling milk. I was pretty embarrassed by her behavior. Hayley, however, thought it was precious. Her response to my girl's wildness helped me remember that she is still in a wild age. 2, to be exact. Ages don't come any wilder than that. I need to be more patient and understanding with her. I need to remember that she won't be this young forever. I should enjoy this time while it's here.

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