Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 20XX

20XX shouldn't be confused with 200X. Or with 20X6, for that matter. Those are all different birds, people. Altogether different.

Today I met Tashinia in the electronics section of Target. She was hunting down a gift for her young niece. It might have been the Mega Man shirt I was wearing, but she asked for help picking one out a video game. Her niece has a Wii, and Tashinia wasn't sure what kind of game she'd like. I mentioned that Nintendo had just come out with smaller remotes and nunchucks if she wanted to get something her niece could use regardless of the game. They light up. The buttons are bigger, too. More evidence that the Wii is killing with pre-teens and the elderly. Anyway, as I'm mentioning this to her, I see a set for sale. She ended up buying them. I should've asked Target for some commission. She was grateful and we parted ways.

It's nice to occasionally use my nerdiness for good instead of intentionally veiled, difficult-to-comprehend references. And this post has come full circle.

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