Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 47

Not much going on today, I'm afraid. I met Sarah, a high school teacher. We really didn't talk very long. Just long enough to find out that she's working half the day at a high school and the other half at a middle school down the street. That's got to be a mental twister. I can't imagine the mental energy it would take to shift my teaching paradigm from high schoolers to middle schoolers in the same day. That's all for today, guys. See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 46

I met two guys today, but the story's the same for both. Brendan and Brad are their names. I didn't learn much else about them. However, I've not received a heartier response from anyone I've met since I began this project.

I pulled into my neighborhood at the same time as one of my neighbors. He was pulling a baby grande piano on a trailer. Brendan and Brad were in the truck with him. We parked and I walked over to see if they needed some help. His house has a fair number of stairs to get to the front door, so I figured 3 guys would have difficulty moving it in. I was wrong. 4 guys had difficulty moving it in. 3 might have been impossible. This thing weighed a ton! We were all grunting and spitting and carrying on until we finally got it in the house. While I was leaving, Brendan and Brad nearly hugged me with gratitude. These guys, who even now all I know about is that they've got some piano moving experience, expressed a palpable sense of warmth and acceptance toward me. I wondered if I ought to write about them since our interaction was limited. I decided to because I was reminded of a lesson I've learned many times before but don't often practice. Meeting a person's needs is the fastest way to their heart. Granted, no one literally needs a piano moved (unless it's resting on top of them), but there was a momentary need for assistance. I'm convinced that meeting that need gave me a deeper connection to Brendan and Brad than if I'd simply spoken with them.

This is another time when I'm strongly reminded of the example of Jesus. He met people's needs. Everything from providing wine for a wedding celebration to reviving the dead. As a Christian I believe that he met my greatest need on the cross. He saw what people needed and helped them where they were. The absolute least I can do is lift a piano.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 45

I met a group of people today. You know what that means! Time to break out the Bisiwig! *spins Bisiwig* Alright, c'mon, no whammies, no whammies! Daddy needs a new line of reversible outerwear! ...Hmmm. John, eh? Ok, Bisiwig. You know best.

I met John tonight at his drum lesson. I was subbing for his normal teacher. Some of my readers may be troubled to hear that I, a self-professed drummer in fugue, was teaching someone about an instrument that I'm not actively playing. Your concerns are understandable. However, may I remind you of what happens to those who can't do? They teach. That in mind I was perfect for the job! Moving on. John had been taking lessons for a few years with the same teacher. Needless to say, he was a little uncomfortable with someone new. I was surprised at how embarrassed he was when he messed up a beat. I was surprised because John is up in years. I just assume that anyone over 50 is immune to embarrassment. He calmed down after I reminded him that I couldn't help him improve unless he made mistakes. The rest of the lesson went pretty smoothly. Afterwards, I found out that he's a computer programmer. Even though his work gets in the way of his drumming, he still makes time to play as much as he can. I want to have that attitude. In an earlier post I whined about not playing drums as much as I like. I should play when I can and be content with that. My life is far too good to allow nonsense like that to get me down.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The ultimate answer to life the universe and everything. Plus 2.

I went though most of today inside my house. I had to catch up from a week being ill. I ended up going out to eat tonight without meeting anyone all day. I didn't want to meet anyone at dinner, though. I just wanted to sit down in my own happy bubble and not be bothered by anyone on the outside. That's when I remembered why I started this blog in the first place; to engage people when I don't feel like engaging. To force myself to be social, and in so doing, to care about those around me more than myself. I can't give up. I needed to fight this urge to isolate myself. I decided to do something drastic. I looked around the restaurant for the person I would normally be least likely to approach. I spotted a guy with a shaved head, handlebar mustache and tattoos eating by himself. He had to be 6' 8" and pushing 3 bills. I made a bee line and hoped for the best.

Mike is his name. He told me about his tattoos. Many of them described his military career. He was a sniper in Vietnam. A what in where, you ask? That's right, a sniper. In Vietnam. I'm kind of happy he didn't go into gross detail about his time there. I'd probably have trouble sleeping tonight. Or for the rest of the week for that matter. He wasn't too talkative, so I left him alone pretty quickly. I figured I'd already interrupted his evening enough. Then the strangest thing happened. 5 minutes later he came back and approached me. I thought he was mad, at first. Then he started laughing and telling me more about himself. We talked and laughed like we were friends. It didn't go on all night, or anything. We only talked for a total of maybe 3 minutes. But in those 3 minutes, I made a connection. I connected with a guy who, to me, looked as likely to break your arm as talk to you. I'll have to look back at previous posts, but I know I've said this before. I need to stop judging books by their covers. I really hope I see Mike again. I'd love to hear more about his life. His story has got to be amazing.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Days 42 and 43... smeg.

I'd love to say that I didn't write yesterday because of some super-legitimate, understandably understandable reason. I can't. I sat down to write last night and got stuck in a self-imposed Red Dwarf marathon. I'm not sad about the Red Dwarf, but I'm sorry I left you guys hanging. I did meet someone yesterday and today, so I'll just report on them both here.

Yesterday I met Phyllis. She volunteers for a homeless day shelter. I was surprised to hear where the shelter's located, because it's in a very wealthy county. I'm not stupid enough to consider that there can't be homeless people amongst wealth. What I've witnessed in regards to homeless care, though, is that it normally only happens as a result of a massive occurrence of homelessness. I couldn't imagine that situation in such a wealthy county. I was wrong. She told me that in June they helped 250 different people at the shelter, and that number has grown since. I was floored. I'm still a bit shocked. I know that 250 isn't a huge number relatively speaking, but I'm not considering relative terms. I'm thinking about more than 250 people who have nowhere to sleep tonight. I don't even know how to process that. Once I find a way to process that information, I'll need to exponentially raise the number to consider how many people are homeless just in my state... my God. How do we even begin.

Ok. Ok. I need a pick me up. How about a 9 year old talking about his favorite football team? Sound good? Great. Let's go, Matteo. You're up.

Matteo came to our church today with his mom. I said he's 9, but as he informed me, he's practically 10. He's basically an old fart. He told me about his school and his teacher and his friends. He likes the Ravens which is cool... None of which is distracting me from the conversation I had with Phyllis. Maybe that's a good thing, though. Maybe I should stop typing and think about this for a bit. I'll let you know what I come up with.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 41

I've done it again! A day of meeting multiple people. Thus necessitating the use of the selection wheel henceforth known as BSW360gsI*, or Bisiwig for short. Let's take a look at the instructions here... light, spin wheel, and get away. Alright, here goes nothing *lights, spins wheel, gets away*... BANG! And the result is... Ah yes. This is a good one.

I met Carolina today. We were waiting in line at Sonic, a newly established franchise in my area. For the majority of my adult life I've lived within walking distance of a Sonic. Five years ago I move to a new state, and their's not a Sonic for miles. Finally, a month ago, one opened in my backyard. It's so popular that there's still a 30 minute wait just to order food. Carolina grew up near a Sonic, too. We talked about how excited we were to have a piece of our homes near where we currently live. We talked about how much we'd missed cherry limeades and made fun of people who ordered, "extra larges," instead of, "route 44s." We talked for ages based solely on our shared history with a restaurant. A chain restaurant. It was a remarkable conversation. At the end of it I felt like I'd met with an old friend instead of a complete stranger.

Typing all this made me thirsty. I'm going to drink some more of my cold, delicious cherry limeade. See you guys at the drive-in.

*Thanks to brocolote for the name suggestion in day 35's comment section. I miss you, Broccabrocca. Yours is a nonsense I can't resist.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 40

Today I met Connie at the grocery store. She was laughing at my daughter. To be fair, so was I. She was talking gibberish and then asking if whatever she'd just requested was permissible. She does this occasionally. It normally goes something like this, "Skampatowa feega nosdo rejama michta nobba doo, OK Daddy?" This reminded Connie of her granddaughter. We talked a bit about children and family and getting old. What was remarkable wasn't what we talked about, but where we were talking. This whole conversation took place outside my van as I was getting my little girl in her car seat. Connie was in the car next to us with the window down. Maybe I'm easily overwhelmed, but I was surprised she would talk to a complete stranger from her car. To me, that puts her in a pretty vulnerable position inasmuch as a car offers security. Yet here she was, chatting with me instead of resting in her comfortable, secure, quiet vehicle.

I love it when people open up. I know that leaving oneself vulnerable is a dangerous habit, but to a degree, its what all Christians are called to do. I'm not saying that we should be doormats, or that we should trust every person we meet.  All I mean is that Jesus told us to love people, even our enemies. That takes a lot more vulnerability than many of us are comfortable with. He also told us to be wise in our interactions. I think that's a lot of what I'm learning through this project; what it looks like to be loving and wise. I kind of suck at it right now. I tend to be overly vulnerable in the name of love, or overly cut off under the guise of wisdom. We'll see if I can strike a better balance in the coming months.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day Thirty Ni... Ni... NaaaaaaaCHOOOOO

Sick AGAIN! Worse than two days ago. Made myself go out and fraternize, though. Met Sandy at the farmer's market. We talked about silos and cows. I was a little dizzy while we were talking, so we might have talked about something else, too. I'm not sure. Anyway, the lesson I learned today was to listen to my body. When it's screaming at me to take it easy or else it's going to make life very uncomfortable, I should take note and meet its demands. Ugh. Twice times, ugh ugh. I'm going to take a many pill types and sleep much. Til tomorrow, my patient, patient readers.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 38 (37 implied)

I want to be vulnerable on this blog. That includes admitting when I've been stupid.

Today I met Nickolai and Ofelia. I saw them pulled over with a broken down, smoking van. I stopped to see if I could help. That's where I went wrong; assuming I could fix their vehicle. The van's fan belt had broken, so I took them to get a new one. We then tried for two hours to replace the belt with no luck. At this point we realized that we had been given the wrong belt. We got the right belt and replaced it in 5 minutes. HOORAY! Wait, wait. Let's make sure the van starts. It does! HOORAY! Wait, why is it smoking? What's that crazy squeaking noise? We shut the van off just before the new fan belt snapped. As it turns out, there was more wrong with the engine than the belt. Much more. So, I stopped to "help" these people, ate up 2+ hours of their day, all so they could buy a useless belt and still have to be towed to a garage. If I hadn't stopped and tried to be Action Man they'd have just called for a tow and maybe gotten their van fixed today. As it happens, they'll probably be stuck here until at least tomorrow. Brilliant. Good work. I really am at my best when I'm making assumptions.

Nickolai and Ofelia were very nice. They were from Central America. Their English wasn't great, which made our attempts at replacing the belt hilarious at best. Up, down, around, and under are remarkably difficult concepts for cross-lingual communication. All in all, I'm glad I met them. I'm just unconvinced  that the feeling will be mutual.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Sick. Slept all day. Sleep now. Project resumes tomorrow... ugh.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

3 and 6

I met someone today, but I'll warn you in advance, it was a shallow meeting. Yvonne was at our church today. We shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. That's about the whole of it. Not much to report. So, I've decided to use this slightly dry day to do a bit of emotional inventory. Just to see what this project's effect has been thus far.

I'm better than a month into this thing and I'm already noticing some changes. There have been some surprisingly negative effects. For a couple of weeks I met people for the sole purpose of writing about them. That's pretty much the reverse of what this project is meant to do. I corrected that as soon as I recognized the problem, but that's a pretty huge momentum breaker in regards to personal social revival. I have noticed some positive response as well. For starters, even if it was to write about them, I've begun to open my eyes to people around me. Whereas before I started this project I'd walk around with my eyes on my feet, I've begun to look around when I'm outside my domicile. Even with poor motivation, that's a beneficial way to view the world.

I thank all of you who have followed me on this journey. I hope you'll continue to be there with me as I try to retrain my social instincts against the well of antisocial sentiment.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Day 35

Alright, my people. I've brought a new element into this whole blogging thing. I don't know what to call it yet, so I could use some suggestions. Essentially, it's a wheel. Not like Goodyear. More like roulette. I'm going to use it to help me pick a person to write about from of the multitude I met today. My neighborhood had a block party which allowed me to meet a TON of people. It was salutation project heaven.

Ok, I didn't actually construct a wheel and spin it. I more-or-less picked this person at random. That will have to suffice for now. At least until one of my smart, inventive, and fabulous readers comes up with a name for this imaginary wheel.

I met Mark today. This is, admittedly, a bit of a stretch. You see, I've "met" him before. Don't arm the angry villagers, yet. Neither of us could remember each others names. I think it's fair to say that we actually connected relationally today. Mark's a fisherman among other things. We have a lot of things in common. We're both weather nuts, for one thing. We had a long conversation about weird weather stories. He told me about a rock that had blown through his window and got stuck 2 inches deep into a piece of furniture. This didn't happen during a tornado or hurricane. This happened in the middle of a standard thunderstorm. That's a freaky consideration that a storm could toss a stone with that kind of velocity. He's also really athletic (something we don't have in common). He has a national championship ring from his division 3 college. He's a really interesting guy, and he's right here in my neighborhood. Hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch with him. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 34

Today was, if there is such a thing, the antithesis of a red letter day. I forgot I had a meeting, went to the wrong location when reminded about said meeting, and arrived too late to the correct location to be any benefit. However, I did meet someone when I went to the wrong location. His name was George. It went something like this.

George is a former Navy man. I know the dangers of painting with a broad brush, but I have an immense amount of respect and gratitude for anyone who serves our country. George was a really kind, older man. He talked about his family being a military family (all the way back to his mother having grown up with a cavalry regiment. That's officially 'holy crap' old.). We didn't talk long, but we did talk for a while on the subject of secretive jobs. George, evidently, had a secret-ish occupation. All he could tell me was he worked in, intelligence." 'Nuf said. I asked him about how he talked about his job when he was younger. Evidently the phrase, "if I told you, I'd have to kill you," is not a modern invention. It was nice to meet George. The 'wrong location' was someone's house who was clearly not home. George was being protective when he introduced himself. It was a bit reassuring to think that there are people like George looking out for us.

All in all, not a terrible day.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Day 33

Today I met Leslie. She's a local business owner. I've seen her a few times because her store is a floor below the bar our church meets in. She sells handmade jewelry and decor. It's not exactly my type of store, but she seems to do well. She told me that her husband lost his job days after she opened shop. I can't imagine how unbelievably scary that would be to go to one income RIGHT AFTER you finance a new business. Just thinking about that situation terrifies me. She seemed in good spirits, though. I hope that means that her business is doing well. I'll be praying for her and her family. I'll keep you all appraised as to how she does.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 32-bit

Sorry for the long posts. This one should make up for it.

I met Linda tonight. She's a 1st grade paraeducator. For those of you who don't know, paraeducators are the ones that jump out of planes onto unsuspecting student territory. My mom's a first grade teacher, so we had that in common. We talked about the wonder that younger students tend to have about school. We also mused about where that wonder goes when they hit middle and high school. There is something really amazing about young kids and how they look at education. My 2 year old can't wait for school. She has no idea what it is, but she's ready for it. I'm ready for it, too. I don't want her to grow too quickly or anything like that. I'm just excited about shopping for Trapper Keepers with her. They still make those, don't they?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stardate 31

I'm gonna take flak from some Trekkies about that title.

Two things happened today which fell on opposite ends of the 'cool' spectrum, and both were in relation to previous posts. The wicked cool thing was that I got to play music, not once, but TWICE today. This, of course following my childish display yesterday when I whined about not playing as much anymore. The other thing was that I got called out by Kristen (who is actually Brian) in the comment section of day 29's post. She/he pointed out, and I'm still trying to figure out how this happened, that I met someone... two times. So, in the interest of actually meeting 365 different people this year, I give you yet another twofer. You people are the luckiest blog followers I know.

First, I met Heather. She played hand drums and sang backup for Rob at an open mic I went to tonight. (I met Rob, too. He'll be back later in the show.) Heather had some good chops. I told her so afterwards. She told me that she'd lost her boyfriend to a political party recently. Yes. You read that right. I think it was because I met her among her friends, but she had no problem sharing that and some other personal stories with me. A guy she met 30 seconds earlier. I really appreciated her candor. Too often I keep these types of conversations surface-level. Not with Heather, though. She encouraged me to be more honest with people. Not to give my life story to everybody I meet, mind you. Just to be more transparent about who I am and how my day has gone.

Next, I met Rob. To be fair, I've played music with him before. I just never met him. I know that sounds weird, but he was in a room with some 20-odd (some, very odd *rim-shot*) other musicians. I just walked in and started playing. There weren't many introductions. Tonight, however, I actually met him. Rob's a very good musician. This meant that I talked to him like I talk to all very good musicians: I tried to sound cool. Cool and very informed. There are some bands I only mention in this context. They tend to be really on-the-fringe of some made up genre which only I've ever heard of. I mention these bands to sound cool. It rarely works outside the confines of my brain, but I try anyway. Once I dropped the name-dropping routine, we actually had a good conversation. We talked about local open mics and some ups and downs of local music. I learned something from him. This was more of a self taught lesson, but Rob helped me see that I should shut my pie hole and listen to people sometimes. I know this sounds contradictory to what I learned from Heather, but I don't think either lesson can be too generally used. I just have to work on a person-to-person basis.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The big 3-0

Happy 30th, you big, beautiful blog! You've done me proud.

I met Luke tonight. He's a stock guy at a local music shop. He's also a recording student. I was surprised to hear he was a junior because of how young he looked. Then I realized he looks EXACTLY the age of a junior in college, I'm just old. In fact, he's just about the age I was when I started playing music full time. Luke just started building his studio, and he seemed a bit nervous about it. The task of buying recording equipment is pretty daunting, mostly because of how expensive it can get. I wish him the best.

Talking to him made me miss being a musician. Maybe it was hearing the beginning of Luke's recording career. Maybe it was because we were having the conversation in a music store. I don't know. All I know is that I miss playing.

Drummer for hire. Will play for cheap.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Twenty Niner

I mentioned in an earlier post that I was prepping for my first sermon. Well, today was the day. It went better than I expected. What did I preach about, you ask? Well, Jesus. Specifically, though; relationship. Community. Knowing and existing with other people. Who was I mostly preaching to today? You guessed it: ME! That's pretty hilarious if you ask me.

At around 6 tonight I realized that I hadn't met anyone. I was feeling a bit lazy, so I decided to go to Starbucks where my brother-in-law works. He's been working there a while, so I figured he'd know one or two regulars that he could introduce me to. I was looking to avoid the awkward greeting and skip to the conversation. No such luck, as it turns out.

My brother-in-law was busy when I came in, but he pointed out a guy he knows that would be easy to talk to. I sauntered up to the guy, confident that this would be easytown, USA. I introduced myself, and a fairly awkward few minutes passed. "This isn't supposed to be happening," I thought, "This was supposed to have a no-awkward guarantee! Oh well. I'll just go with it." Jeff is his name. He was working on a math problem. Now, I don't mean math in the way that most people understand it. He had 90 pieces of paper taped together trying to solve an equation he'd started 2 years prior. Yeh. I was a bit out of my depth. I asked him what type of equation it was, and he said it was geometry and some word I'd never heard before. I'm assuming that word means ridiculously difficult to solve. There was something really amazing about the amount of time which had gone into the paper he was working on. He'd used different color inks and highlighters. It looked like a work of art. He was a really nice guy, and very interesting to talk to. I wished him luck on a solution and we parted ways. It's after this that my brother-in-law comes up to me and said that Jeff wasn't who he was pointing to earlier. He had no idea who Jeff was. Thus the awkwardness. That's what I get for trying the easy way out. Still, I'm glad I met him. It's always good to meet geniuses. They have a way of keeping one very humble.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 28

Today was our neighborhood yard sale. Our street was crawling with people. I figured I'd have no trouble meeting people. The problem is that yard salers are too busy saleing to notice someone trying to talk to them. I was out and about for 2 hours and talked to a couple dozen people before I actually met someone.

I met Paula today. Paula and her two pint-sized dogs. We talked antiques for a bit because she had some great old stuff she was selling. Old stuff and country music CDs. She talked about her daughter that lives a long way from home. Paula talking about her daughter made me miss my family. I miss them on a good day, but this was pretty heart wrenching. Plus my sister's in Haiti for a month. Not only is she far away, but she's not exactly safe, and there's nothing I can do to protect her. If anyone reading this prays, please take time to pray for my sister and her team. I'd really appreciate it.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 27

I met Margie, today. She's a business owner in the area. Her business is in an old grocery store building from the '40s. She's built it up from its old shape, but it still has this awesome, old style exterior. We mostly talked shop, so we didn't make too much of a connection. That being said, she's the only person I met all day. So, this is all I've got for ya. Quick read.

This is the problem with running an honest blog. If I was morally unsound I could just make up an interesting person to write about. Their name would be Chartreuse, the extreme sportsman. We'd probably meet in the Alps, rescuing a pack of lost miniature Doberman puppies. Just imagine how awesome that would be!

... I need to hang out in the Alps more often.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I got to meet two people today, as promised. Oh wait, did I say two people? I meant THREE PEOPLE! Boo yah! That's right, people. I deliver.

First I met Jane, one of my neighbors. She was in her backyard clipping leaves from her garden. Why was she clipping leaves from her garden? To feed her rabbits, of course. You guys should have known that. We talked about the raspberry bush that grows on her fence. What I wanted to know was if I could eat some. I didn't have the guts to ask, though. Maybe next season.

Tonight I met 2 police officers. Legitimately, I mean. They weren't shoving me in the back of their car or anything. Actually this meeting started with their car. We were going out to buy my little girl a milkshake. On our way into the restaurant she noticed the police car. I showed her the lights and the colors on the car. She thought it was pretty cool. When we got in the building I noticed where the officers were sitting. I brought my daughter over to meet them, and they talked to us for a bit. I didn't want to keep them from their dinner, so we didn't stick around too long. I was proud of my little girl. I had to prompt her, but she shook their hands, and said, "thank you for keeping me safe." She's a cool chick.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm trying to decide if this classifies as "ironic."

So I woke up this morning on the heels of my, "woe is me! this blogging thing is hard!" post, ready to attack. "I'm gonna meet some people like CRAZY!" I said. Well, that was the pride. Here comes the fall.

Not only did my 2 year old act her age all morning, but this afternoon into the evening I was laid out with a brain-splitting headache. Not only did I not meet someone, but I got nothing done AT ALL today. I could write about somebody I met last week. Instead I'm going to take this opportunity to brag on my wife a bit.

Like I said earlier, I got knocked flat by a headache today. That sounds pretty weak, so let me offer a bit of background. I've gotten migraines for years, so I'm used to bad hurt. This headache I got today was more than a migraine. I've never hurt like this before. This left my pregnant wife in charge of our nut job daughter for a few hours. Not only did she do that and take her out of the house so I could get some rest, but she also got me a new hat. My wife is awesome. I just thought you guys should know.

My job tomorrow is to meet two folks. I don't like doing that, but I'm serious about this project.

Day the 24th

Dan's who I met today. He's a local pastor who gave me some advice about a sermon I'm giving this week. The trick about me preaching is that I'm not a preacher. This should be interesting.

I'm less than 10% through this attempt to meet someone new everyday for a year. I've got to say, it's getting more daunting. Some days the task of finding someone to talk to feels like pulling teeth. Some days I just want to hole-up in my house and never leave. What I keep reminding myself is that those feelings are what I'm trying to eliminate. Don't get me wrong, being alone is a good thing sometimes. There are definite benefits to having some time to yourself. What I'm fighting against is spending so much time away from people that I lose touch with the needs and hopes of those around me. I'm trying to connect with people, and allow their lives to effect mine. That's why I need to keep going.

... I hope I can keep going.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Day 23

Happy Labor Day, everybody! (See, I could have said happy labor dabor, everybody, everybody, but I DIDN'T!... wait... crap)

Today, I met Joe. Joe is a unique case for me, because Joe is 3 years old. Mind you, I met his parents, too. I just wanted to write about Joe. He was a cool little kid who made me laugh. First of all, his handshake was impressive. He had a pretty solid grip for having 2" fingers. Solid eye contact, too. If I didn't know any better I'd have thought he was running for office. He was talented, too. I was talking to his folks, and he decided to show me that he could hop on one foot. IN A CIRCLE! That's some amazing coordination. We didn't talk a ton, but we did get to play ball. That was fun. I haven't tossed a ball around in ages. I need to do that more often.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The double deuce.

I've got to cut back on the h-star references. You people are gonna think I'm a one trick pony. Or a three man one-y... 3-to-1 marny?

I met Chris today. He was visiting our church. We met after the service at lunch. He was a really clean cut guy. It was a bit surprising when he asked me if I'd seen Scott Pilgrim. I haven't, by the way. I'm really sad to admit that. Chris was going on and on about how great the movie was and how it spoke directly to our generation. He talked about how tragic it was that there's not enough box office support to encourage filmmakers to make more movies in kind. I agreed with him, and told him it was sad. I wasn't referring to my disgust at the commercialization of modern cinema. I was saddened by my assumptions about Chris. I figured, because he was well dressed and had a nice coif, that we couldn't possibly have anything in common. I am an 8 year old, evidently. I don't know if I'll ever learn that I can't judge a person by their appearance. Anyway, Chris and I did have a lot in common and had a great little conversation. He seems like a good guy. I'm just glad I talked to him. I could have allowed my stupid preconceptions to rob me of a good meeting.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

If days were years, this blog could buy beers.

Happy 21st, little blog! You're growing up so fast.

I met Isabella today. I was walking around my neighborhood when her two, gigantor dogs got my attention. These things were dog/bear hybrids. Terrifying. We didn't talk long, and mostly about her dogs. As ferocious as they looked, they were incredibly well behaved. They obeyed every word Isabella said. Still, I wouldn't trust them if I met them in a dark alley.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Day 20XX

20XX shouldn't be confused with 200X. Or with 20X6, for that matter. Those are all different birds, people. Altogether different.

Today I met Tashinia in the electronics section of Target. She was hunting down a gift for her young niece. It might have been the Mega Man shirt I was wearing, but she asked for help picking one out a video game. Her niece has a Wii, and Tashinia wasn't sure what kind of game she'd like. I mentioned that Nintendo had just come out with smaller remotes and nunchucks if she wanted to get something her niece could use regardless of the game. They light up. The buttons are bigger, too. More evidence that the Wii is killing with pre-teens and the elderly. Anyway, as I'm mentioning this to her, I see a set for sale. She ended up buying them. I should've asked Target for some commission. She was grateful and we parted ways.

It's nice to occasionally use my nerdiness for good instead of intentionally veiled, difficult-to-comprehend references. And this post has come full circle.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Red letter (more accurately, air quality) day.

I've never seen this happen before. My area was given a code red for air quality. Translated, no children or old people outside. So what did I do today? Took my kid to a place where we met some old people.

To be fair, I didn't find out about the air quality alert until after we'd left. We went to spend the morning at an art museum. I met an older lady in the gift shop. She talked mostly to my daughter, but I did get to talk to her a bit. I didn't get her name, though, so I'm kinda following the spirit of the law rather than the letter. Needless to say, once I got word about the red alert, I ran home and locked the door. Not much to report today. We'll see what tomorrow holds.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Day 18, or 17 if you wish.

The meetings today were good. They weren't the life-altering events I'd hoped they'd be, but they were good, nonetheless.

First I met with John. We had coffee at a little gourmet in an outlet mall. John is a retired counselor of 30+ years. We only met for about an hour, but that hour was incredibly enlightening. As well as a counselor, John is also a Christ follower, and a strong one at that. His insights about God were breathtaking. He challenged me to study the Bible with more intensity, and to allow my heart to soak in those words. John also suffers from Parkinson's disease. He was once a preacher and public speaker. Now he can do neither. He quoted Paul, saying his struggle was "light and temporary." "How can I be upset about anything that's light and temporary?" He asked. I began to wonder if I could face a debilitating illness with that much faith. I'd like to think that I could, but that has never been tested. Part of me hopes it never is.

Hayley was my second appointment. She's a counselor as well, but she's only been practicing for a few years. Hayley and I share a common past. We're from the same home state, we both have a psychological background, and we are now involved in biblical counseling. She was able to give me some insight into how her practice worked, what her workload was like, the type of information I need before I begin to actually counsel as a profession, and so on. The conversation began and ended with Hayley adoring my daughter. She and my wife were able to join me at this last meeting. My little girl was being a little menace. Running back and forth, climbing on people, and spilling milk. I was pretty embarrassed by her behavior. Hayley, however, thought it was precious. Her response to my girl's wildness helped me remember that she is still in a wild age. 2, to be exact. Ages don't come any wilder than that. I need to be more patient and understanding with her. I need to remember that she won't be this young forever. I should enjoy this time while it's here.