Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day the 24th

Dan's who I met today. He's a local pastor who gave me some advice about a sermon I'm giving this week. The trick about me preaching is that I'm not a preacher. This should be interesting.

I'm less than 10% through this attempt to meet someone new everyday for a year. I've got to say, it's getting more daunting. Some days the task of finding someone to talk to feels like pulling teeth. Some days I just want to hole-up in my house and never leave. What I keep reminding myself is that those feelings are what I'm trying to eliminate. Don't get me wrong, being alone is a good thing sometimes. There are definite benefits to having some time to yourself. What I'm fighting against is spending so much time away from people that I lose touch with the needs and hopes of those around me. I'm trying to connect with people, and allow their lives to effect mine. That's why I need to keep going.

... I hope I can keep going.

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