Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 27

I met Margie, today. She's a business owner in the area. Her business is in an old grocery store building from the '40s. She's built it up from its old shape, but it still has this awesome, old style exterior. We mostly talked shop, so we didn't make too much of a connection. That being said, she's the only person I met all day. So, this is all I've got for ya. Quick read.

This is the problem with running an honest blog. If I was morally unsound I could just make up an interesting person to write about. Their name would be Chartreuse, the extreme sportsman. We'd probably meet in the Alps, rescuing a pack of lost miniature Doberman puppies. Just imagine how awesome that would be!

... I need to hang out in the Alps more often.

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