Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 28

Today was our neighborhood yard sale. Our street was crawling with people. I figured I'd have no trouble meeting people. The problem is that yard salers are too busy saleing to notice someone trying to talk to them. I was out and about for 2 hours and talked to a couple dozen people before I actually met someone.

I met Paula today. Paula and her two pint-sized dogs. We talked antiques for a bit because she had some great old stuff she was selling. Old stuff and country music CDs. She talked about her daughter that lives a long way from home. Paula talking about her daughter made me miss my family. I miss them on a good day, but this was pretty heart wrenching. Plus my sister's in Haiti for a month. Not only is she far away, but she's not exactly safe, and there's nothing I can do to protect her. If anyone reading this prays, please take time to pray for my sister and her team. I'd really appreciate it.

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