Friday, September 24, 2010

Day 41

I've done it again! A day of meeting multiple people. Thus necessitating the use of the selection wheel henceforth known as BSW360gsI*, or Bisiwig for short. Let's take a look at the instructions here... light, spin wheel, and get away. Alright, here goes nothing *lights, spins wheel, gets away*... BANG! And the result is... Ah yes. This is a good one.

I met Carolina today. We were waiting in line at Sonic, a newly established franchise in my area. For the majority of my adult life I've lived within walking distance of a Sonic. Five years ago I move to a new state, and their's not a Sonic for miles. Finally, a month ago, one opened in my backyard. It's so popular that there's still a 30 minute wait just to order food. Carolina grew up near a Sonic, too. We talked about how excited we were to have a piece of our homes near where we currently live. We talked about how much we'd missed cherry limeades and made fun of people who ordered, "extra larges," instead of, "route 44s." We talked for ages based solely on our shared history with a restaurant. A chain restaurant. It was a remarkable conversation. At the end of it I felt like I'd met with an old friend instead of a complete stranger.

Typing all this made me thirsty. I'm going to drink some more of my cold, delicious cherry limeade. See you guys at the drive-in.

*Thanks to brocolote for the name suggestion in day 35's comment section. I miss you, Broccabrocca. Yours is a nonsense I can't resist.

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