Saturday, August 28, 2010

Twofer. But also, threefer.

Since I was remiss in my self-made, arbitrary duties yesterday, I've decided to double my efforts. Literally. I met two people named Jason, today. Now you get to read about it.

The first Jason was a blue-collared guy who liked sports. You'd have to know me to get the full force of this, but that's not me. I sometimes pretend to like sports to converse with people, but that's the full breadth of my fanaticism. We did have some common ground in that we were both fathers. We talked about our kids outsmarting us. It was a good, if short conversation.

Jason 2 was introduced to me by a friend. The impetus was our shared home state, Tennessee. My friend assumed that that shared statehood would give us loads to talk about. That happens a lot. This time, however, it panned out. Jason was really nice. We had a long and apocalyptic discussion about the music industry. It was fun and informative. As a bonus, I could speak in my native drawl without being presumed stupid, poorly educated, and/or toothless. Normally I speak with a 'neutral' accent, meaning I emulate whoever I'm speaking to. I guess you could say I did that with Jason 2, too. Oh well.

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