Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 12

Today I met Noel at the playground with my daughter. That's where I meet most people while I'm a full-time dad. Watching my daughter run around and, with no inhibitions, play with every child she comes in contact with, brings this whole project into perspective. Why is it that kids can socialize so freely while their parents wander around, head-long like social infants.

Noel is a self-proclaimed green-freak. Her family is looking to move soon. They're either looking to buy a house or build a recycled one. I'd never heard of recycled houses, so my peanut brain starts imagining putting a house in with your newspapers and bottles for pick-up day. (is anyone else noticing the unnecessary number of hyphens in this post?) It was encouraging to hear her talk about steps they've taken to be gentler to creation. I could definitely do more, and she encouraged me to step-up my efforts (one more, just for laughs). 

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