Sunday, August 15, 2010

First, there was Grace

I just got in from a long road trip. We stopped at an Arby's for lunch and let my two year old run off some of the energy she'd accumulated in her car seat. She was running circles around the empty ordering area when she took a turn too fast and fell hard to the floor. She bruised her cheek and cut her lip. There was much in the way of screaming. After we got her cleaned up and calmed down a bit, a cashier came to our table. She gave my daughter a handful of kid's meal toys to cheer her up. Then she just walked away. I went and thanked her later and actually got to talk to her a bit. Her name is Grace.

Grace has a great granddaughter that she is very proud of. She was itching to be done with her shift so she could go home and see her family. Evidently they live away from Grace, so their time together is precious. When I thanked her for being so kind and generous, she looked like she was about to cry. I didn't get to talk to her for very long, but the little bit I did hit me hard. I live away from most of my family, and my daughter is the only grandchild and great grandchild. Grace reminded me how difficult that distance can be for grandparents. I'll probably never see her again, but I was privileged to get to meet her. I'm going to pray that she gets to see her family more.

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