Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 16 bit

I couldn't post last night because my daughter got sick. She rates higher than this blog on good days. On days when she feels pitiful and needs my attention, this thing doesn't stand a chance. I did meet someone, so I was only half a slacker.

To say that I look kinda like the guy I met yesterday is to say that the Pope is kinda Catholic. A barista at the coffee shop we met at thought we were brothers. Not only do we look similar, but we were wearing nearly identical clothes. Uncanny doesn't cut it. we were in a dimension not of sight or sound. Oh, did I mention we're both drummers? This meeting brought new meaning to the phrase, know thyself.

My doppleganger's name is Jason. (Or maybe I'm HIS doppleganger!!! duh, duh, DAAAAAAAAHHHHH!) Jason's a music therapist and drum circle facilitator. I walked over to meet him while he was doodling out cycles of chords based on Chinese scale structures. He explained what he was working on, and about 80% shot right over my head. This guy's a serious musician. He was the first drummer I'd talked to in a while, so I was pretty excited. We talked for nearly 2 hours. I can't relay everything we talked about, but I will say that he challenged me to strive to be better at what I do. Specifically as a drummer, but generally as well. Jason is a stellar drummer, but he doesn't stop with that. He applies that skill to many aspects of his life. He shows the same drive to be a better musician as he does to be a better therapist and businessman. He can do that because they all overlap. In this way he avoids putting something on the back burner to atrophy or be forgotten. Jason manages to keep these varying aspects of his life intertwined instead of entangled. He's an impressive guy.

As a Christ follower I'm taught to be pure. This purity refers to having a single focus that drives my life. Often times I become sidetracked and allow things to block my view of God. To speak musically, I allow discord in the song of my life by putting notes where they don't belong. Jason helped demonstrate how I could remove unnecessary notes and place those that harmonize in their appropriate place, thus creating a more thick and beautiful song. I'm still considering exactly how this works in my life. I'll let you all know what I come up with.

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  1. Just when I feel I have the harmony figured out, my voice will be out of tune! :)