Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pieces of 8

Today while I was walking around looking for someone to meet, I realized that I was looking for people to talk to who were similar to me. It bugged me that, if I continued like that, I wouldn't meet anyone new who'd help me change and grow. I also didn't want to single anyone out based on them not looking like me. I figured that would be just as fruitless and arbitrary. Right in the middle of this worthless inner dialogue I heard someone coughing behind me.

Eldie was nearly choking when I asked what was wrong. She suffers from acid reflux, but can't afford the meds that would help her. We didn't talk a ton, but at the end she asked me to pray for her. I was caught off guard. I hadn't mentioned my faith at all. My face must have showed my surprise, because she replied, "you are a Christian, right? That's why you talked to me, isn't it?" I told her I was, and that I'd pray for her. I was surprised, not only because she assumed I was a Christian, but also because she had a good opinion of us. That's not a common response for me.

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