Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lucky number 13

On a Friday, too. Dangit. Yeah, i didn't meet anyone yesterday, so I'll have to do what i did for day 5 and write about a previous meeting. Sorry, guys. I'll apologize to both of you personally later.

Last week I met Mike. Mike had a seriously killer mustache. It was one of those Civil War age sideburns-to-mustache connectors that had about a 6 month growth. That mustache demanded respect, and I happily obliged. Anyway, Mike is a physics teacher and musician. Being a musician drummer myself we had a good deal to talk about. He told me that he has his students study the physics of sound and build their own instruments. That is amazing! I'd have loved that in school! I'm still so impressed by the physical component of sound waves. Impressed and completely uninformed. Mike was an encouragement to look deeper into the science of my music. I think one could follow that trail too deeply and lose track of the art of music. (I the end of that line of thought is what happened with Schoenberg and other atonal composers.) However a better understanding of why your instrument sounds how it sounds can lead to a more thorough form of play.

I think I tried to make up for missing my post yesterday by chasing rabbits today. Maybe if I confuse the readers they won't realize how bad I am at this project. So... did it work?

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