Tuesday, August 17, 2010

3 days down, too tired to figure out how many to go.

This post very nearly didn't happen. At 10:16 tonight I looked at my wife, and, in a moment of stark realization said, "holy crap! I haven't met one person all day!" Off I go in the social-mobile. Into the night. Into the unknown. Into the... cripes. The gas light just turned on.

I met Tim tonight. Quite a guy. I walked right in the middle of a heated debate he was having about 911 truth conspiracy theories. Just one of the risks of putting myself out there, I guess. Tim seemed really thoughtful. It says something about a person who keeps their head during a conspiracy theory debate. Tim's consideration was that people who believed things in the face of contrary facts weren't dumb, as some might say, but simply illogical. We didn't talk long, and to be fair, I more or less listened. In that short time, though, he called all religion a bunch of conspiracies. Being a Christ follower, I immediately took offense. "How dare he?" I thought. But then I thought better of it. Why on earth should I take offense about someone's opinion? I see evidence of the Judeo-Christian God everywhere, but maybe Tim doesn't. He reminded me not to take my beliefs for granted. I hope I get to talk to him again, soon. Maybe we can have a non-heated debate about God. I like those a lot better than the heated variety.

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