Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day seven. Met Steven.

I didn't want to approach anyone today. I just wanted to draw some attention so I could lazily draw somebody in to meet me instead. I wore, what I thought, was certain bait for an observant... observer. My "off duty ninja" shirt, and my skull and crossbones hat. "Surely, some nerd's gonna rail me for my paradoxical outfit," I thought. I was wrong. Nothing. Not even a second look. What a disappointment. I did manage to meet someone. I just had to do it the old fashioned way. Maybe tomorrow I'll wear a penguin suit and eat white apples through multi-colored windows. That's sure to get someone's attention.

Steve helped me get some 16' strips of quarter round out of Home Depot, today. They were remarkably bendy and brittle, which made them impossible to carry by myself. Not only did I meet Steve, but I also immediately imposed. I think this project is more intrusive than I originally considered. Steve was shopping out supplies for rebuilding his roof. Some friends from his church were helping him build. He was really helpful. Right in the middle of his own  responsibilities, too. He wasn't just being kind. He was sacrificial. I hope I can follow his example of putting my desires aside for the sake of a stranger.

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