Friday, August 20, 2010

6 is actually my lucky number.

It's true! Ever since I was a boy, I always considered 6 to be my lucky number. This preference had nothing to do with gambling, and everything to do with the endless friend surveys I used to fill out asking my favorite everything. Favorite letter, favorite food, favorite color. Come to think of it, these were the precursors to the nonsense Facebook surveys I'm occasionally asked to fill out. That's probably why I avoid them like a test tube full of plague.

Today I met Stacey. She seemed a bit nervous, actually. I couldn't put my finger on it at the time, but she just seemed a bit on-edge. That may, of course, have had something to do with a complete stranger introducing themselves to her. To be fair, I did have my daughter with me. She's 2 and obnoxiously cute. She tends to put people at ease. Not this time, though, or at least so it would seem. Stacey ended up giving her a plastic toy before we parted ways. Two things I learned from Stacey are, 1) strangers may be estranged for a reason, and I should give them space if they so desire it, and 2) plastic toys are great, so long as they don't talk. If they do talk, it's best if they don't have a two phrase vocabulary and a long-lasting battery. This little guy might be meeting Mister Blender before too much longer.

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