Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 50

Today I met Judy. She and her husband are church planters in our city. We didn't talk for a long time, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to look over the last 50 days of this project and do another assessment. I hope my readers will forgive another digression from the real purpose of this blog. Please bear with me.

I've been looking through old posts and I'm seeing some patterns. Not just my inconsistent spelling and grammar, or my incessant use of the word, "arbitrary." The pattern I'm seeing is that I'm judgmental. I judge someone, meet them, my judgement is dismantled, and I comment on how I need to be less judgmental. This has happened a few times for as short as this blog is. Even with that evidence I have trouble believing the statement, "I'm judgmental." It's true, though. I'm formulating an action plan to change this part of me. That is one of the real purposes of this blog, I suppose. What good is this type of journaling if it doesn't lead to some sort of positive change.

Something else happened while I was looking back through this project. I became nostalgic. A lot of the people I've met have really touched me, and that would have been lost without this blog. Grandma Jeanne, my twin, Jason, and Mike the sniper stand out, but there are a lot of names that brought back fond, if brief memories. This project has been difficult at times, but I'm so glad I'm doing it. There are a lot more meetings to go, and the weight of that is very real. However, it seems lighter seeing some of the beneficial results.

Finally, I really want to thank my readers for encouraging me to continue. Your comments on and off the site have helped me more than you can know. I would not have made it this far without you. I hope you'll continue to take this walk with me. 

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